Data Quality is not an IT issue

Data Quality is often seen as an IT-Department issue.  It is time to change this perception once and for all.  Data Quality influences all departments in a business. Sales, Logistics, Customer Care, Financial – the list goes on.  You cannot solve the challenges of Data Quality unless all departments are involved.

In my work with organizations and business it is interesting to see that often the ones complaining about poor Data Quality is often the ones that creates the bad data.  Example:  I have worked in various sales organizations, and salespeople are notoriusly shortcutting in entering data. Then they complain about the system when they cannot find the right customer, or the goods are sent to the wrong adress.  To solve this you need the salesmanagers to focus on the problem to help find the right software and solutions together with the IT Department.

To keep the data good, it’s important to choose easy to use and efficent software that can be operated by marketing, sales, logistics as well as the IT-Department

Walter Howard write more about Data Quality as Company Issue in this article.


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