"Without proper data, BI is meaningless"

This claim is put forward by BI analyst Lyndsay Wise in an article in DM review .

She also writes: “Data cleansing tools are a critical component to ensure that dirty data is not brought into the organization’s data warehouse. Non-cleansed data may lead to capturing duplicate, nonvalid records, building reports based on wrong data and decision-making based on inaccurate data. Data quality requires the ongoing management of data cleansing activities to meet and exceed defined data quality standards. Practical applications might include the data being used to run month-end reports or a sales manager using data to monitor the ongoing performance of her sales staff. Lastly, data delivery completes the cycle, distributing the right data at the right time.”

The most efficient cleansing tool on the market will be Omikron AddressCenter or Omikron Data Quality Server.  You can also contact me for more information.


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