Optimize your CRM data

The Magazine For Marketing focuses in an article on optimal CRM data.  It is a good article with some valuable hints for those who wants to implement CRM systems.

One focus is data cleansing where they write:
“Cleaning existing bad data can require a great deal of time and effort, so company leaders who have invested time and money into a new system can be prone to ignore the importance of fixing the bad before bringing in the new. If these data are not taken care of in advance, they will be transferred to the new system and can completely defeat the purpose of upgrading. CRM often involves a significant investment and a substantial amount of employee training, so if you’re not using a new system to its full advantage, you’ll only end up hindering your business”

They also focus on the perception that a new CRM system will definately solve all your
“It’s easy to become blinded by the promises of a new CRM system. After all, a new solution loaded with features will surely fix all problems, right? The truth is just because a CRM system is new doesn’t mean past data problems will be magically remedied ”

He also focuses on the importance of monitoring the entry of data. I have a previous posting on how you can monitor the entry of data. The article says: “Employees face a great deal of pressure to input data as quickly as possible, and as a result the data often ends up copied and pasted directly from e-mail. The information contained in e-mail is no doubt important, but an expensive new CRM system can only be used to its full advantage when dealing with additional, higher-quality data. To discourage sloppiness, make sure employees know there are certain data quality standards to follow and that the standards are required.”

Read this article in full and maybe your new CRM system will work! 🙂


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