4 Steps to insure CRM Data Quality

 I stumbled across this article from Destinationcrm.com called ROI – How to ensure CRM Data Quality.   There are som very good advice here.  I will do a short summary of the 4 steps here.

  1. Reduce Multiple Master Records – The biggest enemy of data cleanliness is the redundant record, which disperses and obscures valuable information about a customer throughout the enterprise.
  2. Don’t Abandon Eyeballs – Automation plays a key role in any data cleanup, but human judgment is still vital.
  3. Reduce Overlap Whenever Possible –  Once you have a better handle on the true identity and nature of your clients, use that knowledge to reduce redundant communications that don’t add value
  4. Practice Continual Cleaning –  Clean data does not stay clean of its own volition. Your organization will need to take ongoing steps to ensure that redundancies, errors, and inefficiencies do not work their way back in.

On my own account I might have added nr. 5.  Find your customer.  If the sales representatives don’t find the customer they will enter a duplicate.  Omikron Data Quality Server is the best tool on the market to solve this with the market leading error tolerant search technology FACT-Finder Address-Search.  In addition Data Quality Server will also solve step number 4.


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