MDM Expert forecast for 2009: Data Quality will be core to delivering effective master data

Bob Karel, the Principal analyst at Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research, has on come with his predictions for Master Data Management for 2009.

  • Cross-enterprise MDM adoption will remain extremely rare.
  • Expect a messaging shift from MDM vendors to promote how MDM can mitigate risk.
  • The data quality market will grow as customers recognize it as a cheaper precursor to MDM.
  • MDM market consolidation will continue.

This is why the DQ market will grow:

Data quality management is core to delivering effective master data, and customers who balk at the extremely high start-up costs of MDM software and services will recognize that the more mature data quality market may effectively meet the 80/20 rule of their trusted data requirements — at a fraction of the cost. Operational MDM that bi-directionally synchronizes master data across the enterprise will follow once the value of data quality investments is realized.

This a trend I have experienced for the last 6 months in the Nordics, and I only think it will be stronger as Mr. Karel predicts.


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