Voter fraud or just poor Data Quality?

What would we say if an African or South American government sent out election card that:

  • Says you will have to cast your vote in a non existing election location
  • Gives you the wrong address to the election location
  • Tells you to vote at two different location, but you should only vote at onel
  • Tells you to vote at two different locations, but you should actually vote at a third location?

With our prejudices, I think we would cry “voter fraud”. The above mentioned is not in Africa, but is happening in the Danish EU election. The newspapers bring new stories every day.

It is of course not voter fraud, but just plain poor Data Quality.  Is it much better that poor Data Quality influences the results of the democratic process? In Denmark the EU is already charged with having a democratic deficit, so this is the way to go!

The sad thing is that all this problems could be solved easily with the right process and tools.

You can read more about this in Danish on


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  1. […] Jan Erik Ingvaldsen has a great post which summarises the problems in English. […]

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