Data Quality problems in the Norwegian State Church.

BOrgund Stavkirke 1

I just read an article in the Norwegian paper Dagbladet.

In Norway there is a State Church. It means it is sponsored by the State and a vast majority (about 85%) of the citizens is member of it.

In the last weeks the Norwegian Church as sent out 3,12 mill election cards to Norwegians over 15 years of age.  The problem is that many members have elected to leave the church and select not to be a member of become members of other churches or organizations.  There seem to be a problem with the registrations of the ones who have left.

This has severe financial implications since you get support for each member. The other churches can miss this income. It might not sound as much – but when there is an estimated that more than 100.000 Norwegians is wrongly enrolled in the state church. For the organization Human Etisk Forbund – it is a loss of about 3,4 Mill NOK

It has also created hard feelings since this is an important issue for a lot of people.

There is no explanation of this Data Quality Failure, if it is Data Entry problems, cleansing problems or just pure sloppiness.    I am just waiting for them to ask for the heavenly powers the posess to solve the problem.


3 Responses

  1. Someone should let them know about Talend data quality ^_^

    Great read!

  2. The election cards were an attempt to clean up the data.

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