A couple of stories about Calendar troubles

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Ohh – is it 53 weeks in 2009?

A little Data Quality Glitch story from Norway again.  Skagerak Elektro which provides the street lights in the Municipality of Tønsberg had not taken into the account that 2009 has 53 weeks – not only 52.  So when the clock passed midnight on Sunday, the streetlights blacked out.  They had forgotten to fill in week 53 into the operating system.

Not a big story, but maybe some Data Quality Processes should be in place??

Link to story in Norwegian:

Link to story with using Google Translate

Calling Information for 17 seconds costs 100 Euro

Daylight saving time enden on oct 25, and the time was turned back from 0300 to 0200.  A Norwegian Telecom provider could not cope with this.

One person who called the information for a number to the Taxi service, called 17 seconds at 02:14:28, but the bill said 1 hour and 17 seconds, and run up to about 100 Euro.

The story in Norwegian here:

The story using Google Translate here.


3 Responses

  1. The second story could be an idea on how to make more money 🙂

    as you say, data quality processes is in place

  2. Jan-Erik, could we please republish these examples on IQTrainwrecks.com?


    Daragh O Brien

    • Hi Daragh!

      Of course. If you see I publish a trainwreck, you may always publish them! 🙂

      Happy new year also!

      Best regards
      Jan Erik

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