Donald Duck tricked Norwegian Air Shuttle

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The competition in the air is fierce, and Donald Duck entered the fight this weekend.

Norwegian Air Shuttle ( has entered the Danish market for international flight successfully.  Their next step is trying to be a big domestic player in Denmark.  They offered several thousand tickets for 1.DKK a piece.  They were instant sold out.

It seems it is their competitor Cimber Sterling that has bought most of the tickets. On one flight there were 118 “no shows”.  One no show seems to be “Anders And” which is the Danish name of Donald Duck.

Another no show was Alotta Fagina, from Austin Power movies and the CEO of Norwegian Bjørn Kjos

In Data Quality sales, we use the name Donald Duck as an example to look for when people want to trick you, and we talk about fraud detection and data analysis. This scam is not new, but can be easily detected and avoided with Data Quality solutions.

Read my follow up post. “Detecting Scam and Fraud”

Read more in Norwegian her:

With Google Translate:


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