Is Google paving the way for actual CRM/ERP Search?

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Since 1992 CRM has been a big help in structuring my sales. A consisting challenge I’ve had with various CRM systems, was to find the customer in the system. I might have heard the customer’s name wrong, spelled it wrong, did typos, or my search with *.* did not work.  Frustrating, since I knew the customer was in there.

Most CRM systems will only find the customer if you do exact and correct searches

It was even more frustrating when I worked in a big computer company, and my coworkers entered my customer with slightly different spelling, and stole my commission.

When you do not find the customer, you enter them again and the Data Quality mess starts:

–          Wrong reports and predictions

–          Frustrated workers

–          Frustrated customers

–          Higher cost, lower conversion rates and your image take a hit.

3 years ago I predicted that search would become an important part of the CRM. With an error-tolerant search, you could find your customer instantly. I was wrong then, but finally the trend is here.  This year I have already have had several inquiries about CRM search.

Google is transforming CRM Search

Google has transformed the way we use the web the last 10 years.  We now automatically go to the search box, to find the information we want.  Not only on the world wide web but also:

–          In online shops

–          Intranets

–          Onsite search on government sites

–          Facebook has moved its search in center, acknowledging this is the best place.

“Our employees are so frustrated that they cannot find the information in the CRM system” is the reason I hear when they contact me for better CRM search.

I think we will see this in the future of CRM search:

–          One central search box, that search across all fields

–          Will be error tolerant

–          Have suggest feature, to help you complete the search

–          Will be connected to external vendors to automatically import customers if it is not already in the CRM system.

You can see my CRM Search Checklist here, and a demo video I have made about the future features of the CRM Search.

Most poor data is created in the data entry phase. With a good search and registration system, this can be minimized. A

Do you agree with my view on the CRM Search future?


5 Responses

  1. Search in our Spyder CRM meets all your points. Do let us know if you would like to see a demo of the same.


    • Ok, that is quite amazing, since I have not seen true error tolerance in CRM search before. But that is good! It could be interesting to see a demo after summer!
      Best regards

  2. You are right: bad data is created when you first enter it. I’m not sure what you mean by “registration system”, but i know that some companies offer what they call data quality tools.

    And even some vendors like Oracle somehow force you to enter the right data – for instance, if you select the city Chicago, the state will automatically be Illinois and the country USA.

    As for the search, CRM products do not have great functionality, but some ERP are starting to change that.

    • Hi Gabriel.
      Thank you for your comment. I work in a Data Quality Tools vendor. Omikron Data Quality. We are creating a new registration module that will be released in fall that will help ensure that it is correct data that is registered in the databases. It is 2 sided. First is to have the error tolerant search, and the 2nd is automatically get correct data from address vendors, if it not already in the customer system.

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