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Omikron Data Quality has since 1993 been one of the leading providers of Data Quality solutions in the German market.  Our unique error tolerant method to clean and enrich customer-, supplier- and product databases is very efficient and easy to use.  We opened a Nordic office in Copenhagen 2005 with a Stockholm subsidiary in january 2008.  In this short time span we have proved through tests with our Nordic customers that we have the best solution for cleaning Master Data.

We offer:

  • A free test of your Data Quality
  • Data Cleansing and Enrichment as a service
  • Our products FACT Dialog Check and Omikron Adress-Search. These products can be integrated in your ERP/CRM solutions. These solutions will find the duplicates before they are entered, and the unique error tolerant search will  find your customers even though you have spelling errors or phonetic differences. Example of what it will find: Christopher Quist – Kristoffer Kvist
  • Omikron AdressCenter and Data Quality Server – our module based solution that will optimize ou Data Quality

In the Nordics Omikron AdressCenter and Data Quality Server are the products that server our customer needs best. They will

  • Quickly and reliable find and eliminate existing duplicates in your Database(s)
  • Check if your customer adresses, domestic and international, are correct
  • Optimize selections for mailings.
  • Modules for optimizing Data Quality

You can also use Data Quality Server to monitor how the bad data you have is entered.  Is it your systems that are wrong or human errors. You can read more about this in the blogentry.

We would like to come out to you to do individual presentations of our products as
well as conduct a free test of your Data Quality.

You can read more about Data Quality on our webpage or in this electronic brochure.
See also our electronic brochures for Data Quality Server and Omikron AdressCenter.

Also contact us for more information and whitepapers on telephone +45 70 26 88 28


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