About Jan-Erik Ingvaldsen


I work with Data Quality and e-Commerce Search issues in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Data Quality:
Our solutions for optimizing customer, supplier and product databases are gaining marketshare quickly. We have stand alone solutions and/or popular modules for major CRM and ERP systems. Our solutions is a cornerstone in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions.

e-Commerce Search:
Our e-Commerce search FACT-Finder is Market leader in Europe with more than 500 installations. We are moving in to the Nordics with several implementations to come. It is error-tolerant, fast and with low maintenance.

I also have a blog about e-Commerce trends, it is in Danish.

I work in Omikron Data Quality ApS as the Nordic Sales Manager.

Before starting in Omikron, I have worked several years in Delli with aquisition, been development manager in AFS Intercultural Programs, and had my own company.

I am quite new as a “Data Quality Professional”, but  have worked with the effects if Data Quality issues in all of my previous postions.

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3 Responses

  1. Hello Jan-Erik
    I ran across your name and site because I also work with Tom Redman on occasion. I’ve been working on an idea of applying Christopher Alexander’s pattern language to data quality problems. Not original, but new.
    We will be offering patterns for the solution of data quality problems for free on patternpalooza.net, our experiment in a more modern way of making tools and techniques available. The site isn’t done yet & we’re still refining it.
    In any case, would it be possible for us to link our sites to each other?
    If you will be in Cambridge for the MIT IT conference in July, we could meet & you could come hear our talk on patterns in data quality.

  2. Hello Jan-Erik Ingvaldsen, let me guess: Norwegian? I used to have a land-lord in Stavanger named: Ingvaldsen.

    So, where is the American counter-part to OMIKRON? Please advise, David.

    • Hi David
      Yes, Norwegian. But I guess I am not related to the one in Stavanger. My name originates from my great grandfather who lived closed to Hamar, north of Oslo.

      When it comes to American firms, there are a lot of candidates. If you look for rich functionality it could be Trillium or DataFlux. If you look for advanced matching it could be Netrics or Silver Creek. But we do both.


      We also do Duplicate Check as a Service long distance

      Thank you for comment, and hope this helps a little!


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