“Data governance is not rocket science – to a large extent, it’s common sense”

There is a new interesting article in DM review by Dan Power about Data Governance, called From Customer Cleanup to Data. The quote is taken from there. He has some interesting views on Data Governance, and it’s worth reading. Here are some quotes from the article:

“My experience shows that when companies clean up their customer data to a specific point in time and then stop, within two years, their data is back to its original state or worse. So the one-time customer cleanup project has to morph into an ongoing customer data quality way of life.”

This is certainly something I can agree with! He goes on saying:

“If you’re not already using any data quality tools, they can be incredibly helpful. What tends to overwhelm people is the sheer number of customer records with problems. Anything you can do to automate the process of consolidating, cleansing, correcting and completing customer data will act as a force multiplier”

He goes on:

“Enriching your customer data with an external content provider like D&B or Acxiom can also be a big help. People in your organization would probably find Standard Industrial Classification Codes, number of employees, annual sales revenue and other pieces of data useful. If your customer data has those fields at all though, it’s almost certain that the majority of them are blank. Salespeople and others within the enterprise just don’t have time to look them up for every new customer. A content provider can fill in the missing fields and provide more sophisticated things like corporate hierarchies, financial statements and credit and risk ratings. “

Isn’t it strange, it’s often the sales people who create bad data (being a salesman myself) but it’s often the sales people that complain about the bad data. If you can automate this process you will have come a long way.

“Corporate data governance needn’t be an overwhelming or expensive initiative”
“Data governance is not rocket science – to a large extent, it’s common sense”

If just more people could see it this way, instead of seeing it as a big mountain nearly impossible to cross!