Focused vendors get highest customer feedback in new Data Quality Research

The Information Difference Ltd – a British Analyst Firm has made a research about the vendors on the Data Quality Market. You can read the full report here.

Here is the Diagram that Information Difference has made of the DQ Vendors.

The major vendors in the data quality market are described using the Landscape diagram that follows (see later for more on how this is derived; note that due to a modification in the methodology this time around—this version includes customer satisfaction feedback—like-for-like comparisons between this chart and previous versions should be treated with caution).

Data Quality Landscape Q1 2009

Another interesting conclusion in the report is that:

The highest customer feedback scores in this research were for Melissa Data, Datactics and Omikron.

These vendors are focused on solving the DQ challenges at hand. Sometimes so focused so the larger vendors call them Niche vendors. Maybe providing fast and correct result can be as important as delivering largs suites?