“Do it yourself” Data Quality

In an interesting article called “Data Quality – can IT departments do it alone?” Mr. Bryan Davies writes an interesting article about if you should resolve the data quality issue inhouse or get professional help.

He points out that Data Quality is a business issue and not an IT issue, as well as many IT departments are overloaded as it is.

DIY data quality is a little like DIY electrical installation: in theory it could save time and money, but in practice, and unless you have all the skills you need, it could cost more in the long run

He goes on:

There is a caveat, however – organisations should not imagine that going out to buy a new software tool will solve their problems, in the same way buying a volt meter won’t turn your average householder into an electrician. Choosing the right tools and knowing how to use them properly takes skill and experience.

I agree 100% on Mr. Davies view and I have some related posts on the issue here:

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