Survey: IT pros ignore poor data quality

There is an article in IT-Pro dealing with how IT-Pro’s ignore poor data quality. The article is about a survey conducted by Information Difference.

Some of the findings:

  • 15 per cent rate their Data Quality as “high or very high”.
  • 21 per cent believe the inaccuracies in data kost them between $10 and $100 million per year
  • 14% thought direct cost because of poor master data were less than $1 million a year.
  • 30% have not deployed a tool to combat the problem.

“We often hear that MDM is a key concern for CIOs, yet in reality it seems there’s still very little actually being done about it,” said Andy Hayler, Information Difference chief executive.

“Particularly worrying is that that over half the senior IT executives we spoke to weren’t consistently sure whose spreadsheet has the correct data,” added Hayler.

I just wonder when it will be taken seriously?