Error tolerance on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Hmmm how is her name spelled?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Julia Luis Dreyfus ?

The correct answer is number one, but on her new star on Holywood wlak of fame or, was it Hollywood Walk of Fame they used the 2nd one.   First time the concept of  Error Tolerance was introduced on the walk

Typos and misspellings in the data entry phase is maybe the most important reason for poor data quality.  If I put Julia Louis-Dreyfus through a typo generator takes care of the most common typos like skipping letter, use double letters, reverse letters, skip spaces, misses keys or insert keys, you get 319 different variation of her name.   Some random examples: Julia Lois-Dreyfus,  Julia Louis-Dryefus, Julia Louis-Dryfus, Julija Loujis-Dreyfus and so on.

Do you Customer Search and Data Quality systems cover this?

Read more here in English and here in Norwegian